Islamic Forex Transactions

There are millions of Muslim traders all

over the world in the forex market nowadays. The Muslim traders were complaining about interest rates and other transaction fees in the market. As a result of that, many forex firm created the concept of Islamic Forex. Thanks to the firms, the Muslim traders started to make buying and selling on the global forex market with no interest and other

transaction fees. The concept provided a wonderful opportunity for them. Islamic forex trading fee

to be taken on a daily transportation when the budget was created by a logic. Except for this detail, it is possible to definitely other forex investors invest without any difference. Forex market can be traded 24 hours and 5 days with the Islamic account is also in this process all the required operations can be performed. Swap-free transaction as in many countries of the world that we can call this system an account that refers to a type of Muslim investors. Lately, in our country, Islamic or more of the deposit account number is increasing every day.


In Islamic religion, the earning concept should be “Halal”, it is important. Money or to be taken in the process of selling money to be replaced with Islamic law flowed consumable is called. It is permissible for this operation to be provided in advance both price. As you can do in your own country in the form of currency trading, you can perform this trade between countries. Just both the price in advance. Investors who trade the Islamic Forex for 5 days a week / 24 hours as in other accounts, you can invest in. As in other accounts forex Islamic accounts when trading, no commissions, No hidden fees, brokerage and transaction costs, such as costs being paid.


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